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Hệ thống CT SOMATOM Force 384 lát Siemens

Hệ thống CT SOMATOM Force 384 lát Siemens

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Get two steps ahead in Preventive Care with kidney-friendly scanning and low dose early detection. 
Get two steps ahead in Freezing Motion with 'free-breathing' CT imaging and the industry's fastest, most versatile scan mode. 
Get two steps ahead in Decision Making with 4D imaging at half the regular dose and precise Dual Energy quantification. So stop trying to keep up – be two steps ahead with the new SOMATOM® Force.
Preventive Care
Freezing Motion
Decision Making
Detector 2 x StellarInfinity detector with 3D Anti-Scatter collimator
Number of acquired slices 384 (2 x 192)
Rotation time up to 0.25 s
Temporal resolution 66 ms
Generator power 240 kW (2 x 120 kW)
kV settings 70-150 kV, in steps of 10
Spatial resolution 0.24 mm
Max. scan speed 737 mm/s1 with Turbo Flash
Table load up to 307 kg / 676 lbs1
Gantry opening 78 cm
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